What is a family? It depends

what is family

As you know, ‘family’ represents a single word, but different people define family in many different ways. So, what is a family? It can be pretty hard to describe the word, but the first thing that comes to mind when you mention it is a shelter or a safe place to be, right? The people you call a family are important to you in some way and you always set them apart from the rest of the world. If you try to find the word in a dictionary, you will get an explanation that says that a family consists of a dad, mom, and kids, but is it really necessary to have all of the aforementioned members to have a real family? Some people consider their pets and closest friends to be members of their family, too. This traditional structure of a family is not a guarantee that you have all of the support and love a family has to offer to be a real family, because that’s what family does! What is a family for you?