Cyber Crime: A Very Real Threat to Data Security

Cyber Crime, a threat to digital economy

Cyber Crime has been well portrayed in Hollywood movies. But it is a real problem not just a movie plot. Cyber Crime is becoming more and more prominent, with almost all business and other data going online. Prime Minister John Key addressing internet attacks at the first ever New Zealand cyber security summit focused on this aspect. He talked about the threat cyber attacks are for a country’s economy. They can undermine the competitive advantage and cost the economy millions of dollars. In his address, the Prime Minister also spoke about joining hands with business and stressed the importance of involving everybody. He also addressed the importance of the internet in taking the digital economy forward. The importance of being safe from cyber crime was shown in the pledge to invest $22.2 million in the 2016 budget towards cyber security. All the points that the prime Ministers addressed are very real and need to be given the appropriate amount of attention. The digital boom has helped to keep the New Zealand economy on the positive side and we want it to stay that way, this is a very necessary step the right direction.


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