Personality vs identity

Personality vs Identity: What’s the difference anyway?

There has been a long-standing battle between personality vs identity, with many people believing that they basically mean the same thing. These two terms do not mean the same thing, but we need both of them in order to exist. Identity is a representation of who or what you are, which is normally evidenced by you being. It could also be evidenced by your name or your gender and represents your core attributes. Personality, on the other hand, is the sum of qualities, behaviours and reactions that a person develops over a period of years and sticks to them. Personality is a combination of things that go hand in hand with your identity. The relation between personality vs identity is simple; every identity has a personality. Your identity, most often than not, will not change because if your name is John, it will remain John and if your physiology is male it will rarely change, unless you identify otherwise. Changing personality is quite simple all you need to ask yourself is would you be happier with a different personality? Personality is very fluid and can change quite easily depending on your environment or age.


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