Violence nature or nurture

The violence nature or nurture question explained

Violence nature or nurture. Some studies show that people are genetically predisposed to have certain tendencies, while other studies show that the environment is the main thing behind behavior. I think science hasn’t shed enough light on the subject. Nature or nurture, including violence nature or nurture, is a dilemma we hear over and over everywhere we go. Using observation and logic and a basic analytical process, we can see that a person’s environment plays a huge role in who they become as a person. Some people think of “the environment” as just a place where people live or where they go to school. They give the siblings example and say something like “Look at Johnny and Bobby. They went to the same school, have the same parents, did everything together, etc., etc., and Bobby turned out good while Johnny turned out bad.” That’s a silly argument because we have not been there with either Johnny or Bobby every step of the way to know if their environment was “actually” the same. You can look at this from another point of view. For example, think of Bobby and Johnny as twins. Can you see where this is going? What if their mother, for whatever reason, treats them differently. That alone makes each of their environments vastly different. If genes are all that matters, you would think that Bobby and Johnny would be the same people no matter what happens. But the truth is not even close to that. To create a better world, we must create better conditions for everyone. Humanisation is the solution.


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