Why do People get Hypercritical on Things That Don’t Really matter?

One of the things I have noticed in my wanderings around the internet is how picky & pernickity people can be. If you put something out there, posts, articles blogs etc, you really do have to be thick skinned as someone somewhere will take exception to it.You can find slang in every language the word over.

I was reading about slang and found a blog with a post about how invented words became part of our language. I found it fairly interesting, not an academic treatise but reasonable. Then I read the comments, the first one asked for academic literature to back the post up and the rest of the comments were not much better. Why so critical? I read the article with the understanding it was the author’s perspective not a definitive piece of work and I found it an very interesting. I do not understand why the people making the comment went off on tangents, the need to correct, point out the writer was wrong. Then I remembered something our psych lecturer said when I was at university, ‘people like to think they know more than the next man’, maybe that is why? Also apparently smart people like to be right even to the point of defending bad ideas according to Scott Berkun who considers himself  a recovering smart person.

Now a question for any one reading this, why do we write Christmas as ‘X’mas? I also want to know are we heading to only communicate in acronyms? SWALK… 🙂