The “i” in life and Apple products

So what do you think the ‘i’ stands for, every really thought about it? The girl in the Apple shop had not got a clue neither had the friends I asked. One offered ‘I’ meaning me or mine, looked stumped when I said wouldn’t that have been mpod. An example of the Apple 'I' range - what does it mean to you?

So off I trot to have a look and it turns out it is because of an advertising veteran, Ken Segal; he created the Apple ‘Think Different’ campaign , according to an interview he gave he suggested the ‘i’ with the intention it could stand for a host of words for like, internet, imaginative, individual.  I like individual in fact rather like the way it can adapt to what you want and still retain its identity.

Another term that has always interested me is Geek and by default Nerd. What is the difference? Is there one? Apparently there is and I decided to let you all follow a link and work it out for yourselves as I ended up as confused as when I started and then ‘dork’ gets thrown in.  I actually found a blog where it was much better described:

  • Nerd – intelligent, industrious, understands things
  • Geek – Interested in things that others are not interested in, know a lot about their interests, but usually do not understand underlying principles
  • Dork – Foolish, stupid, clumsy

I recommend you read the blog and the reasoning for the above.